Top three reasons we get called for professional oven cleaning

Why people use our oven cleaning service

Aside from the general build up of grease and burnt on food from every day use. Here are the three main reasons our Like New Oven Cleaning services are called upon across Brighton and Hove and the surrounding area.

  1. Oven proof dish malfunction. Picture this you’ve made a casserole fit for a king and or queen. It needs slow cooking for 4 hours, so after popping it in the oven, turning the heat on, you pop out for a spot of shopping. Safe in the knowledge the dinner is taken care of, and you have ample time to shop until your drop. While out, that trusty Oven Proof Casserole Dish spectacularly malfunctions by blowing up, spewing its contents to the far corners of your oven. It continues to cook in and on your oven while you are out of the house. By the time you return, your oven is more than a mess, it’s got a thick coating of burnt-on casserole crust. Deep cleaning cooking disasters from the far recesses of your oven is something of a speciality. We leave you with a like new oven and an amusing tale for your next dinner party.
  2. Moving on. Whether you’re the ones moving on or one of your tenants are moving on, having your oven deep cleaned as a courtesy you’d expect when you arrive in your new home, for the people moving into your old home, or as a dutiful landlord with good morals but sadly bad tenants, having your oven cleaned by a professional helps the moving on process. Let us remove the grime, leaving you to focus on the move.
  3. Access all areas. While its easy to clean your hob, and fairly easy to clean the sides, floor and door of your oven, the stainless steel racks and corners are hard to get to, and while you keep your oven surface clean, these areas gradually fill with grime. Grime smells, grime can impart unwanted flavouring to your baking, and your kitchen can wreak of a stale oven odour. We have all the tools and kit to clean every inch, nook and cranny of your oven. We’re experts in returning your oven bake to its shiny Like New condition.

Call in the Brighton and Hove oven cleaning experts

The next time you find you have a cooking calamity where your oven floor is caked in burnt food, or you want to move on but keen to leave your oven fit for purpose or you simply hate doing this job yourself, give Like New Oven Cleaning a call on 07966 729194 or complete the enquiry form on the contact page.

Satisfaction guaranteed for all-things oven cleaning Brighton and Hove! One call to us and we’ll get your oven looking like new!  We also offer commercial oven cleaning services! So whether domestic or commercial for professional oven cleaning needs – call the experts; Like New Oven Cleaning now.

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