Top 10 tricks of our like new oven cleaning trade

Clean oven with cream of tartar

Working as we do right across Brighton and Hove and surrounding area, we often get asked for oven cleaning tips.

  • How do I get into the corners?
  • How do I clean my dirty stainless steel racks?
  • How do I get rid of this awful smell?
  • How do I use minimal elbow grease?
  • How can I clean grease from my grimy oven door?

Plus, many other oven cleaning questions!

These are Like New Oven Cleaning’s top 10 tips that you can try these at home or in your rental properties across Brighton and Hove in between our Like New Oven Cleaning visits that will keep your ovens sparkling, your stainless steel shiny and your kitchen’s odour free!

1. Create your own eco-friendly over cleaner

Making your own eco-friendly oven cleaner out of a simple mixture of baking soda and white vinegar can work wonders for cleaning your cooking catastrophe or your grimy tenant’s lack of care, helping you save time and money. Mix the paste and then rub onto the areas you need to clean and leave for at least 30-minutes. You should then be able to easily wipe away the grease and grime. For really dirty ovens, leave the mixture on over night then wipe away with a damp textured sponge. 

2. Use an old toothbrush to reach in difficult areas

An old toothbrush is an essential oven-cleaning tool and one we routinely use for hard to get to areas in the corners of ovens. The soft bristles and flexible head of the toothbrush allows you to clean areas that would otherwise be out of reach. Cotton buds are handy for cleaning the raised perimeter of your ceramic hob.

3. Clean stainless steel racks in just 45-minutes

A quick and easy way to restore your stainless-steel racks back to their shiny former like new glory is to place the racks in a resealable plastic bag, spray with your favourite brand of oven cleaner, seal the bag and leave the cleaner to soak into the stainless-steel racks. Make sure you read the instructions on the oven cleaning product and wear protective clothing and gloves where necessary. After just 45-minutes, remove the stainless-steel racks from the resealable plastic bag. Rinse the stainless steel racks under warm water and use a scouring pad to scrub away any remaining burnt-on food or grease.

4. Clean off burnt oil and grease with oil

It’s easy to remove greasy build-ups on the hood of your oven with oil. Simply place a couple of drops of vegetable oil on a paper towel or dry cloth and rub it over the greasy area.  The vegetable oil helps to remove the grease without the use of any chemicals. To finish the job off, spray the area with an all-purpose oven cleaner (please read and follow the instructions) and wipe clean to ensure that all oil residue is removed.

5. Use a glass scrapper as your cleaning tool of choice

A glass scraper is great tool that we carry around at all times to remove really tough stains, burnt oil and burnt on food from the oven door and from the floor of your oven.

6. Polish stainless steel with Cream of Tartar

Got this one from that font of all knowledge, no not Wikipedia but my Mum! Cream of Tartar may seem like an unlikely oven cleaning product, but it’s really effective at keeping your stainless steel sparling like new. Apply with a clean cloth, leave for 20-minutes, then simply wipe away. Thanks Mum!

7. Remove fowl and fishy kitchen odours

We’ve all cooked a sumptuous dinner only to have the smell linger for days after. If you’ve cooked a particularly pungent dinner, such as fish or game, a few drops of vanilla or citrus or vanilla essence can work wonders when it comes banishing odour. Just add a few drops to an ovenproof bowl such as a Pyrex dish filled with water. Slowly heat the dish for an hour and you’ll soon purge your kitchen from pongs. Thanks again Mum!

8. Never use elbow grease again

Here’s a quick and easy way to battle oven grease and grime. Check that your oven is completely cold and then spray with oven-cleaner into the corners. Leave overnight if you can; if not, then leave for at least 4-hours. After the oven cleaning product has worked its wonder, you should be able to simply wipe the grime away. Of-course the other elbow grease free option is to call Like New Oven Cleaning!  

9. For built up grease use car wax

A grubby hob is often a sign of a dirty oven. Using a thin layer of car wax on your grubby hob can help remove built-up grease. Simply apply the car wax and wipe away with a clean cloth.

10. Clean off stuck on food and grease with a dishwasher tablet

Dishwasher tablets are excellent at removing stuck-on food from your pots and saucepans. So, use one to clean your oven door. Simply take a dishwasher tablet and dip half of it in warm water. Next rub the tablet over the built-up food and grease on your oven door and watch the burnt-on dirt wash away with minimal elbow grease.

Prefer to call in an oven cleaning expert?

There’s nothing quite like having a professional do the job for you. So, the next time you find your oven floor caked in burnt food, the oven door grimy with grease or an oven odour you’d rather live without. Give your Brighton and Hove based oven cleaning experts a call on 07966 729194 or complete the enquiry form on the contact page. Need oven cleaning in Brighton & Hove? Just call Like New Oven Cleaning now for a job well done!

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