Professional Oven Cleaners

Like New Oven Cleaning are professional oven cleaners in Brighton and Hove operated by Andrew Ovenden. Simply a phone call away, Like New Oven Cleaning clean all types of ovens and ranges across Brighton and Hove and surrounding area. We are fully trained and insured to clean all brands and types of oven, in fact, when it comes to ovens whether built in or free standing and ranges large and small, if you can name it, we can clean it!

Like New Oven Cleaning also offer professional commercial oven cleaning services to restaurants, hotels, guesthouses, bed and breakfast establishments and schools across Brighton and Hove and throughout Sussex.

Our Oven Cleaning Method

Almost all of the oven cleaning is done outside of your home as we have everything we need in our oven cleaning van. This means minimal 'intrusion' from us, so you don't have to worry about a load of loud noises and funny smells. In fact there are no funny smells, you'll be pleased to know that all of our oven cleaning methods are eco-friendly, so you won't get any unpleasant chemical smells tainting your food next time you turn your oven on.

Although Brighton and Hove based, Like New Oven Cleaning’s professional oven cleaning service is available right across East Sussex and most of West Sussex too. So, if your oven is looking anything other than its original sparkling like new condition, give Like New Oven Cleaning a call and let us do the job you hate the most!

Why Choose Like New Oven Cleaning to clean your oven

Like New Oven Cleaning aims to:

  • Meet and exceed our valued client’s expectations
  • Guarantee safety by using eco-friendly, child-friendly, pet-friendly non-hazardous products
  • Provide quality oven and range cleaning service at attractive prices
  • Uphold our promise to make appliances 'as clean as like new'

So, when you next think oven cleaning Brighton and Hove, simple call Like New Oven Cleaning on 07966 729194 or complete the enquiry form below for a professional, eco-friendly oven cleaning service.


Andrew Ovenden Like New Oven Cleaning

Telephone: 07966 729194