Top 10 tricks of our like new oven cleaning trade

Clean oven with cream of tartar

Working as we do right across Brighton and Hove and surrounding area, we often get asked for oven cleaning tips. How do I get into the corners? How do I clean my dirty stainless steel racks? How do I get rid of this awful smell? How do I use minimal elbow grease? How can I clean grease from my grimy … Read More

How to deep clean your oven

How to deep clean your oven using vinegar and baking soda

Like New Oven Cleaning client’s across Brighton & Hove are very environmental conscious, and we get asked for our tips on cleaning ovens using eco-friendly oven cleaning methods using simple readily available household ingredients. Here’s our top general household ingredients non-toxic cleaning method using baking soda and white vinegar: Generously sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of your oven Using … Read More